Web Design tips for improving conversion rates

The conversion rate is a value which indicates the percentage of website users who have taken action. Are you seeking to use the power of the web for business promotion? It is important to pay close attention to the design of your website for you to have more visitors converting on your site. The design of your site should be able to pull in visitors who get to your site.

Concise content with minimal errors

It is a big mistake to place too many texts in the paragraphs of a website. We know there is a lot you can say about your business and if the users read the content it can educate them. However, it is not common for those who visit websites to read the large junks of texts in the paragraphs. That is why you need to ensure the layout of texts on your site is user-friendly. Additionally, you should be able to establish the specific things your visitors look for so that you make them available in a brief manner. Moreover, you need to ensure there are no errors on your website. Fix all the broken links and images on your site to relieve your visitors from frustrations.

Simplify the process

Ensure there is a process for every action you want a user to take, and that process should be simpler. The easier the process will be, the better the conversions. The processes need to be easier and faster for the visitors to go through them without a hassle. Your website should be snappy and responsive to the users. You can simplify the process by tweaking your site to load faster, adding search boxes, optimizing the navigation menu of your site just to mention a few.

Publish great content

In web design, the content is not only the traffic driver but also the conversion generator. The content influences the user’s decision whether to subscribe to a newsletter or download an e-book. Although the content may not be able to give instant results, it may help visitors to familiarize themselves with your services, brands or products with time. Even if it means a video clip that explains the working of your software, any valuable content is essential for website conversions.

Build trust

One of the most important factors considered in online businesses is trust. With the increased cases of scams and identity theft all-around the globe, your website users should have confidence that the site is legit. One of the ways to build trust is to use trust logos or brand logo. A brand logo on the website can help draw the attention of your site users, and this is a symbol of the presence of the business. A trust logo is a representation of authentication from an agency of confidence which gives users a sense of security when using your website.

Clear calls to action

The use of call to action words can help improve your conversion rate. You should ensure your call to action is clear and prominent. Many websites don’t use a call to action, but it makes a big difference when included. Ensure everything is either supportive of or subordinate to the elements which enable the visitors to your site to take the actions you plan them to take.

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